Friday, January 30, 2004

I KNEW IT! Today I had to go fishing some of my good junk out of the back of the van, where it was destined for the thrift store! This is worrying me--I mean, if my stuff has so little value . . . then how far can I be from being chucked into the dumpster, too? Guess I’d better work on cleaning up my act and becoming a little more helpful around here. I’d hate to end up in the nickel box at the next garage sale . . .On a more serious note:God proved Himself trustworthy and faithful to me yet again today . . . and I feel that I was just the opposite to Him. I don’t understand the way He works or the choices He makes, or even why He bothers to put up with me. Yet again and again He shows me that He is diligently working behind the scenes, even when I’ve drawn the curtain thinking the last act had played out. I’m so thankful that He lets me play my part, and doesn’t demand that I step aside and give the understudy a chance. I am continually in awe at the way the author and perfector of my faith directs the path of my life.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My wife has discovered and is on a rampage of “decluttering” our house. I’m afraid . . . very afraid. I’m going to have to hide all my good junk until this storm blows over. I mean, I NEED all those computer component boxes under my desk, right? And how could I live without my rubbing of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s gravestone? And I might need those old pocketknives someday.Maybe it’s time for men to unite. It’s time to get our good and valuable stuff out of the garage and back into the home where it belongs! Away with frilly curtains! Down with doilies! Up with duct tape and hunting tropies! Get those lacy things OFF my stereo speakers! Move your teacup collection and make room for my beer steins! And what the heck are those stupid little lacy pillows doing on the bed?Then again, I suppose I would rather be married to my lovely wife than buried by her in the back yard. But I still demand at least the garage for myself. (Sigh) Now I just have to wait for the day when I’ll have one again . . .

Monday, January 26, 2004

Pet sin of the day: sloth

Snow and ice and a weekend have created a big, fat lazy seminary student. That’s really too bad, since I was so bummed out last week that my work suffered. Now, when I really need to get cranking, I’m spending more time online than I need to be! The good that I want to do, this I do not do . . . or so says a friend of mine. On the upside, however, spent a decent amount of time today alone with my old prayerbook. I forget how refreshing it is to spend time with God until I’ve forgotten it for a while. Now, that prayerbook is neat. First, because it has some just amazing prayers in it. Second, because it’s from 1926, with a little note in the front from the pastor who gave it to the original owner. I like stuff like that, stuff that has a spiritual history to it. It helps me feel connected to the Church that spans the breadth of time.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Talked to a good friend, a man I really trust, about the problems in the above post. He wisely pointed out the issue, that “Grace is a wonderful thing. The flipside of that is that it means we have to be helpless.” So often--especially this past week--I want to be in charge and give God the blessing to do what I want Him to do. This is sin--the sin of self-idolatry. Praise God that He is God, and not me . . . and that He forgives me even when I want to be Him, or try to usurp His role in my life.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Lately I have been feeling a sense of displacement, that I’m not sure where I’m going or what I’ll do once I get there. Cognitively, I know that God’s plan is in action, that He is holding us in His hands, but deep in my gut I rebel against that, wanting to be in control myself. It’s hard to learn all over again the basic lesson of faith: God is God, and I’m not. If only the future was more certain, if only things had worked out the way I planned, if only, if only, if only . . . . So often lately I’ve been living in the “if only.” I suppose that someday God just may say to me, “If only you had asked Me, if only you had trusted Me more, I could have been your comfort and guide.” The hard lesson won is the lesson longest remembered, or so I have learned in the past. I guess I need to learn it all over again. (sigh)

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Reconciled with a friend today. Realized how much the strife had been affecting my mood and self-image. More than that, though . . . I am thinking about how God chose to reconcile Himself to us. I wanted to avoid my friend because of the conflict I perceived between us, but we worked it out. It feels much better now that it’s out in the open and our misunderstandings are discussed.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Spent way too much time working on a simple little problem on the website--this blog entry, to be exact! So much to learn that I don’t already know. I wonder if this site will EVER look the way I want it to . . .I wonder, too, if my instructors will be able to appreciate the reason I’m not prepared for class. I guess I had better get back to work on my assignments for tomorrow
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