Friday, January 30, 2004

I KNEW IT! Today I had to go fishing some of my good junk out of the back of the van, where it was destined for the thrift store! This is worrying me--I mean, if my stuff has so little value . . . then how far can I be from being chucked into the dumpster, too? Guess I’d better work on cleaning up my act and becoming a little more helpful around here. I’d hate to end up in the nickel box at the next garage sale . . .On a more serious note:God proved Himself trustworthy and faithful to me yet again today . . . and I feel that I was just the opposite to Him. I don’t understand the way He works or the choices He makes, or even why He bothers to put up with me. Yet again and again He shows me that He is diligently working behind the scenes, even when I’ve drawn the curtain thinking the last act had played out. I’m so thankful that He lets me play my part, and doesn’t demand that I step aside and give the understudy a chance. I am continually in awe at the way the author and perfector of my faith directs the path of my life.

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