Monday, January 26, 2004

Pet sin of the day: sloth

Snow and ice and a weekend have created a big, fat lazy seminary student. That’s really too bad, since I was so bummed out last week that my work suffered. Now, when I really need to get cranking, I’m spending more time online than I need to be! The good that I want to do, this I do not do . . . or so says a friend of mine. On the upside, however, spent a decent amount of time today alone with my old prayerbook. I forget how refreshing it is to spend time with God until I’ve forgotten it for a while. Now, that prayerbook is neat. First, because it has some just amazing prayers in it. Second, because it’s from 1926, with a little note in the front from the pastor who gave it to the original owner. I like stuff like that, stuff that has a spiritual history to it. It helps me feel connected to the Church that spans the breadth of time.

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