Monday, November 29, 2004

Been thinking lately about commitment and about God’s leading. These two can be tricky things to put together sometimes. I can be quite committed to a project and still at the same time be unsure if God is leading me in that path.So what to do? . . . what to do?Well, I suppose I could lay out a fleece--you know, say, “Well, God, if you want this, then X has to happen . . . but if you want that, then Y needs to happen.” Not particularly useful most of the time, and not exactly Biblical, even if Gideon did do it. Still, there I am. Stuck. So I wonder, is the most important thing accuracy . . . or faithfulness? Is it most crucial that I “do God’s will” or that I do what I believe He is calling me to do, and do it faithfully? Sure, you can get into trouble pretty quick if you take this line of thinking wrong . . . but is it valid just as it stands? I think so.I mean, God’s whole plan of salvation isn’t going to come crashing down because I make the wrong choice . . . can you just hear God saying, “Oh, MAN!! Troy went and bought the GREEN car, not the red one! Now I’m gonna have to start all over again!” Would be rather odd indeed.But ministry’s not like buying a car, and there’s more at stake than what color I’m going to pick. People’s lives hang in the balance sometimes. I just want to be sure I’m following where’s He’s leading. That can be tough.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Been busy. Right, like you didn’t know that when you saw the website hadn’t changed for something like three months. Oh well.Boy, that District Conference was torture, though. 85 degrees and sunny in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Had to take a pleasant stroll down through the resort to get to the white sand beach and wade in the ocean. Torture, man. Pure torture.