Thursday, March 24, 2005

What is "normal"

Soooooo . . . "normal."

What the heck is that, anyway? Is it just some ideal that I hold up, thinking, "I can't wait until my life gets back to 'normal'!"? Is "normal" a state of being?

Interestingly enough, I hardly think so, though I tend to think and act as though it is. "Normal," in my mind, is often something that means, "that state of being to which I am accustomed, when there are no surprises and life is under my control." And when in the world is THAT ever true? Well, never.

"Normal," in reality, is actually better thought of as "the consistent pattern of events." In which case "normal" means "barely above chaos." Is there anything predictable from day to day? Is there any way that I can prevent bad things or good things from happening unexpectedly? Well, no . . . of course not. When my life is "normal"--meaning when my life is as it has always been--I live a life that is governed by God's hand, I life a life that is placed fully at the whims of another.

That's more than just a bit scary. So, could God take away everything from me? He allowed to happen to Job (see post below). Would I understand why? No. Would it be "normal"? Yes!!! Because I go through this life and the life to come in God's hand, carried along by Him from good to good regardless of whether or not I conceive of my current station in life as being what I consider "normal."

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