Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ramble alert!

Did you ever think about a God who makes water? I mean, there it is, the most basic and universal liquid known to man. Colorless, tasteless, odorless . . . and yet somehow the most satisfying, the most thirst-quenching sip of something icy and cold that you could ever manage to get your lips on.

But if that weren't enough, this tasteless liquid becomes the basis for a seemingly endless parade of permutations. We add a bit of this or that to common and universal H2O and we get Coke, beer, tea, coffee, Kool-Aid, grape nehigh, Gatorade, fruit juice (from concentrate), and so on. An endless list of liquids that are as diverse in taste and appearance as they are in purpose. Heated water cooks my food and creates a delicious broth in the process. Frozen water chills my drinks and allows me to freeze a sweetened dairy liquid into ice cream. Hot water from an elevated tap makes a relaxing and cleansing shower, or, if you combine that with an *ahem* intimately connected married couple it can make for a rather intense water-based experience. When combined with the Word, that same plain rain can cleanse sin--filled stains. In Spain. On the plain.

It's just . . . oh, I don't know . . . odd, I guess. God gives us something basic, something simple like water, and allows us to use it in every single facet of our lives. To me, it seems at once profound and commonplace at the same time.

. . . huh . . . that's kinda like life, isn't it?


  1. Ramble on, dude!

    that's worth thinking about…

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