Friday, May 27, 2005

Been a long time . . .

Oh, yeah, has it!

Quick rundown of what I've done since my last blog:

Attended a good-bye party for me and the wife and children.

Traveled half way across the country with wife and children in tow.


Received the Master of Divinity degree.

Lived (with wife and children) at a good friend's house for about 5 days.

Visited numerous old friends.

Traveled the return trip half way across the country again with wife and children in tow.

Gotten sick.

Gotten crabby.

Packed stuff up.

Cursed and swore at my laptop as I tried to reformat and reload the hard drive.

Logged onto Blogger . . . and now you know the rest.

So, life's taking the standard "warp factor ten" approach as big changes come near. Rather than slowing down so we can enjoy our last few days on the Shore, it's hitting a near-frenetic pace, a jumbled whirlwind of images and words.

Conversely, it's becoming more and more apparent that I need to take the time to slow down and rest . . . at least inwardly and spiritually. Why is it that the times when that is most needed it is also the most impossible?

. . . or perhaps it's just that those times are the clarion call for a regular Sabbath . . . the impossible to deny claim that a relationship with God takes time, too.

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