Friday, July 22, 2005

Scared stupid

My children have taken a liking to those Ernest movies, you know, the ones featuring the dopey, goofy guy who's oblivious to most everything, but still seems to be the hero in the end.

I think it's odd, but they undoubtedly enjoy them. Right now I can hear them giggling in the living room over Ernest's latest exploits.

Strange that a movie that is mentally painful for me to watch is something they get a kick out of. Then again, I can't stand Pokemon or most other forms of kids' anime, but the kids eat it up.

. . . sigh . . . I guess it means I'm (getting?) old. Knew it would happen some day. I tried to be really immature in order to stay young, but age caught up with me anyway. Next thing you know I'll be driving a Lincoln.

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