Thursday, September 08, 2005

What if . . .

The world was like The Matrix? You know, where these powerful creatures had deluded everyone into thinking the world was just a fine and dandy place, but secretly they controlled everything that went on? And there was only one person who could restore true reality and save all of mankind, but that he had to die in the process?

. . . oh, wait. Guess that's not a "what if?" question after all! :)

BTW--been playing "The Matrix" on the ol' GameCube. Got me to thinkin', it did.


  1. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Could this blog BE more empty in substance?

  2. Oh, I'm sure it could! I'll work a little harder on eliminating anything that might be considered "content". ;)

    Seriously, though, blogs satisfy a desire in some people to be anonymous and yet have their innermost thoughts broadcast to the entire world. Kind of a reverse voyeurism. If you'd prefer something a bit meatier, you might want to consider some of the blogs in my "links" section.

    If not, then you'll have to content yourself with "one man's dealings with Christ and life." :D