Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Duty . . . or doody?

So my wife has to run into town to go to an OB/GYN appointment, and I agreed that I could come home and watch after the children while she and the older two kids went to the appointment and then ran some errands.

So I'm just getting settled in, set up my laptop and arranged my books that I'm using to prepare for my new sermon series. Just as I'm ready to begin work in earnest, the baby approaches me. He's got something in his hands, which isn't unusual as in a family our size there's always something on the floor for him to find.

As he gets nearer to me, however, I jump back, realizing I don't want what he's got to offer. Yes, that's right . . . he had been digging in the back of his diaper and was bringing me the rather soiled fruit of his efforts.

Quickly steered him to the bathroom, dumped him in the tub, rinsed him off, washed him off, and then had to scrub out the tub as well. New diaper, new clothes, and now I'm finally back to work.

And people say ministry doesn't have it's occupational hazards!

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