Thursday, September 24, 2009

CUTTING school budgets???

Please allow me to interrupt my regular blogging series with a plea for the education of the children. Below is a letter I composed to Senator Cameron Brown, Michigan State Senator, 16th Senate District. I urge residents of Lenawee County to contact him immediately and plea on behalf of the children.

Senator Brown's contact information can be found on his web page:

Senator Brown,

If the article in the Adrian Telegram is correct (, I understand that up to $218 per student could be cut from the Michigan state education budget.

I find this proposal unacceptable. The education of our children is an investment in the future. A solid future for Michigan?whether we consider health care, economics, even public safety?depends upon the solid foundation of a sound education. Imperil that foundation by stripping away much-needed funds and we guarantee a bleak future for all of Michigan.

My wife and I homeschool by choice, but I know many families and children in our little community that rely upon our local public school. Our local school system already struggles financially to provide the education that they do. How can we make it harder on the schools and still say we want Michigan to have a bright future? Please do all that you can to ensure our schools have all the money they need to teach our precious children.


Troy Neujahr
Hudson, Michigan

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