Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I heard the voice of Jesus say . . .

I just re-learned something I've known for quite some time: There is truly power in God's Word. His Holy Spirit really does speak through the Scriptures.

There's no doubt in my mind that when I skimp--or skip!--on my Bible reading that I get further away from God. My thoughts are less focused upon Him and His Work, my choices become more selfish than serving. I lack clarity and purpose and . . . and, well, vision.

It's not that life gets easier or better when I'm getting fueled up by God's Word. It's not that I get richer or healthier. But what I get from God's Word is what His Spirit gives. I receive enlightenment to God's ongoing work. I receive clearer vision to do what He leads me to do, to choose the things that bring glory to Him and blessings to others. And I receive strength to stand and endure to the end.

And for someone like me, that's far better than a wealthy life, a comfortable life, or an easy life.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging word, Troy. The "skimp--or skip" duo was added garnish on an excellent dish.