Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wired to be a reshaper

Just a few days ago I received the exciting news that my blog had been approved to be part of Mark Batterson’s blog tour for his new book Primal. Equally exciting was the news from a few weeks ago that I had been accepted into Thomas Nelson’s book review blogger program. Simply put, this means that with both of these I get a free books in exchange for reading them and posting reviews (actual reviews, not just flattery puff pieces) on my blog and on commercial sites.

Getting free books is great, but the real reason I’m pumped is because this fits exactly into how God has wired me. By nature I’m a receiver and reshaper. I tend not to create ex nihilo (fancy Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing”), but instead I take in thoughts and ideas from all manner of sources (in this case free books!), inspect them, take them apart to understand them, and then rebuild them again to fit the unique setting of my own church.

Sometimes I feel bad about this, because I feel a bit of pastoral peer pressure to be a creator of new ideas, to be a cutting-edge innovator. I get the impression even from some pastors that being a reshaper is at best a second-rate Kingdom occupation. But honestly, when I stop trying to emulate the gifts of others and instead start working in the way and manner that God has gifted me, there is no better feeling in the world! Things just click. It’s almost effortless. And confidentially, it’s a serious rush. So I’m learning to embrace the way God has wired me and learning to love working from within my gifts rather than struggling to appear to have gifts that God in His wisdom didn’t give me, but that others somehow still think I should have. I’m learning to love being a reshaper, a rebuilder, and I’m laying down the idol of being a pure innovator.

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