Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book review—Primal: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity

Since the time I was a young boy, stories and tales of adventure and heroic commitment to a greater cause have stirred something deep within me. Those stories—whether heard in a tale, read in books, or seen on a screen—touched something in me, something deep and elemental and not entirely explicable. And those tales would cause a transformation in my inner being. For a time I would carry myself more erect, I would look at the world with a keener eye, I would observe with clearer vision. The elemental forces stirred my heart to beat faster and my life to live louder.

Primal is such a book.

It’s not that Primal is a theological masterpiece or the concepts that Mark Batterson proposes are supreme examples of finely honed propositional truths. It’s not that Mark exegetes the Scriptures with grander precision than scholars of Hebrew or Greek. It’s not even that he has captured something new and different truth of Christianity to speak about. In fact, if you asked me for a book that exemplified any of those things, I would not recommend Primal to you.

But if you desire a book that touches off an elemental stirring within your soul, a book that breaks you and challenges presuppositions and brings you to repentance over a passionate zeal for God you once had but now have lost, a book that stirs up your heart with God-sized passions, a book that reinvigorates your vision for doing God’s mission in the place where He has placed you . . . then Primal is a book you want to read.

You want to read it because Mark Batterson does a splendid job bringing to paper the grand, visionary scope of the words Amo Dei . . . “Love God.” Loving God with all your heart, and your soul, and your mind, and your strength. Those concepts are so large that sometimes I have forgotten how elemental they truly are, and how world-transforming they can truly be. That’s where Primal shines. It rekindles those loves, awakening them from a cold, ashen slumber and fanning them back into living flame. Primal stirred me in just such a way.
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  1. I highly, highly recommend PRIMAL: A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity.
    This is not a touchy-feely book at all. It is a punch in the mouth, raw and real look at following Jesus with everything within us. Mark has written from a place of authenticity and humility. He is wrestling with the things he writes. You need to get this as soon as possible!