Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From Boys to Men, Part 1

I have just about had it with little boys. No, not the ones who are genuine little boys—the ones who are 5, 6, 7 years old, they’re cute and a whole lot of fun!—but the little boys who should have outgrown their diapers decades ago.

You’ve seen them. You’ve had to deal with them. These are the little boys who in their mid-20’s are letting their girlfriends provide everything for them. These are the little boys who in their mid-30’s are making their wives take the initiative for discipline and training in their homes. The little boys who in their mid-40’s and beyond who spend every minute on the job griping about their boss and every minute off the job doing exactly what they want to do and never lifting a finger to serve another human being inside their house or out.

I got to thinking about this a few weeks ago as I observed my own boys. A few of them are teenagers and within a few years they’ll be striking out on their own. They’re not ready just yet because they’re not men just yet, but they are well on their way. They don’t know I’m watching them, so they’re not putting on a show for my benefit.

As I watch them, every month I see manly qualities becoming increasingly evident in their lives. Qualities like serving, caring, and compassion.  They can work with their hands and their minds.  They love like men—a bit coarse and gruff at times, but deeply and enduringly and unfailingly.  They have an intuitive grasp of how to respect and submit to proper authority without being an ingratiating yes-man.  And more and more all the time I see them exhibiting masculine strength that is held under the restraint of self-discipline.

I’m proud of my boys. Darn proud. They give me hope for the men of our future. I pray that in time they will stand as examples for how to be strong, Godly men in a culture that positively breeds a poisonous little boy Peter Pan syndrome.

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